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Web Design Company – what do we do?

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This article was published on: 11/5/21 3:31 PM

Web Design Company – what do we do?

A web design company is made up of professionals that can create you a design/concept for your website – across multiple pages, or a unique style, they draw up what you describe. The perfect mix of your ideas and their creativity. A lot of people confuse Web Designers with Web Developers, but sometimes professionals offer both services, as a way to make themselves more desirable. We, for example, offer Design, Development, SEO & Marketing services, and White-Label Digital Services too!

A Web Design company may also offer graphic design, as the two are often linked quite closely, as the creation of designs & visuals can include logos, or imagery used on the site/page per the project’s requirements. This means that occasionally you’ll find one digital agency that can take your project from the starting block, all the way to the finish line! Here at we caboodle, we offer everything a project should need to take it from conception to creation; We make sure that you

Your web design company is typically responsible for the layouts, visuals & usability of the site – they take care of the look and feel, as well as the User Experience (UX), so that your site looks good, feels good, works well, and makes customers want to use it. A Developer will take these designs and bring them to life as close to the specification as possible. Sometimes the exact design may be unfeasible – a feature may not be readily available, or there may be limitations with the platform, sometimes the software/plugin/app required is more expensive than is practically reasonable; in this case, the budget becomes the issue. When you lay out your ideas, requirements, and specifications the budget should definitely be one of the big talking points, as it determines what you can and can’t do, within the timeframe, or with the available software.

If your project needs the assistance of a digital agency, whether it’s design, development, customisations or SEO & Marketing Services – we’re here for all things Web! Get in touch HERE and let’s see what kind of magic we can make!

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