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Shopify Themes & Apps

White Label Development Agency

We are the UK’s leading Liquid code experts. With our Partners program, we ensure code is written to the platform’s HIGHEST standards and works across all device/software platforms.

Using the latest technologies to redeploy edits, updates and version control for a faster go-live in the forever-changing eCommerce industry.

shopify plus

shopify plus

as an accredited Shopify Plus partner, we offer the best services around

shopify partners

shopify partners

Looking for Shopify partners in manchester?

shopify themes

shopify themes

We offer bespok Themes or provide modifications to all off the self themes

shopify developers

shopify developers

Installing of apps for clients worldwide, we are leading the UK’s market

shopify pricing

shopify pricing

Take a look at our guide to design & development pricing

shopify apps

shopify apps

Vital add-ons you don't understand? Let us help!


We Make Websites!

Considered one of the UK’s leading Shopify partners, we provide top quality service and output for all our work on the platform – We give 100% and ensure everything we do matches up to the best we can do & the platform’s own standards too!

Shopify Digital Agency

Here at we caboodle we know that your online storefront is PARAMOUNT to success, and with that in mind we know we can handle it! Your project will be in safe hands with us, as we have YEARS of experience and know the ins and outs of our business like the back of our hands! Not only that, we have other clients around the world who rely on us for work on their projects too! We are liquid code experts, and specialists in the eCommerce industry!

Looking for a new Agency?

Get in touch, and let’s get a project going and you can see what we do!

We offer a range of services to support you and your business, working on white label for other digital agencies as part of the team or building a strong relationship between us. Our aim is to make you succeed and be the best of the best in your industry, its not easy and it takes time but we are here every step of the way.

Check out some of the news articles to help you get started too! Get Started with an Online Store contact us or click the button below to get started on a new project!

We specialise in eCommerce websites

Leading experts with Liquid Code - so your store can be ship-shape and ready to go looking brill if you work with us! We have the knowledge you need and we'll make you look good!

Resilient Nutrition

Custom built theme and ongoing marketing support on the teams store

Garden Grills

Beautifully revamped to increase ROI and boost organic SEO

Bullseye Sauces

White Label coding support on the new website rebrand

Koin Limited

Working with the internal dev team to support in the switch to a new store.

we caboodle - full service agency team

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we are driven by the challenge, SEO performance, UX/UI issues or printing, and branding. contact us today for a free quotation or advice.

if you are looking for a new full services agency to help boost your business then please contact us and lets build something great, together!





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    we are a full-service agency for start-ups, business rebrands, and everything in between. eCommerce Experts in Cutting-edge Design & Development Technologies - Worldwide accreditation from leading digital platform providers including Shopify, WordPress & Magento.

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